Decarbonization Pathways

The Decarbonization Pathways pilot seeks to develop and test a protocol for assessing small residential buildings to understand their current energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, which will result in customized decarbonization recommendations for homeowners to implement.

About the Decarbonization Pathways Pilot

The Decarbonization Pathways Pilot is a MassCEC pilot that seeks to develop and test a protocol for assessing small residential buildings (“Project Sites”) including single-family homes and multi-family buildings with four (4) units or fewer to understand their current energy use and greenhouse gas emissions (“Decarbonization Assessment”), which will result in customized decarbonization recommendations (“Decarbonization Report”). Through the Pilot, MassCEC is looking to build upon the foundation of a Mass Save® Home Energy Assessment to generate a decarbonization pathway for homeowners to follow as they implement recommendations in a logical order that aligns with their needs and budget, as well as the specific conditions of their Project Site.

Project Incentives, Assistance & Support

MassCEC will offer the homeowners selected for the pilot financial incentives to implement the recommended decarbonization measures. In addition to the initial Decarbonization Assessment, participants will also receive technical assistance at times of decision-making from Abode, including support in developing a detailed plan to take action to decarbonize their homes. As part of the pilot, participants are asked to share feedback on the pilot and allow energy usage monitoring of their homes.

How It Works

Step 1: Orientation

Meet with your assigned Decarbonization Advisor and earn about the pilot expectations, opportunities and process.

Step 2: Documentation

Participants are asked to provide some documentation before the initial visit. We will need one year history of utility bills. Also, if you wish to receive incentives for the <120% AMI levels you will need to perform the Income Verification process.

Step 3: Assessment

Schedule and host the In-home Assessment performed by the Decarbonization Advisor.

Step 4: Contractors

Using our Decision-time-services, connect with contractors and get quotes for the Year1 projects on your Roadmap.

Step 5: Incentives

Work with your Decarbonization Advisor to submit the MassCEC Project Plan, reserving incentives for your projects.

Step 6: Projects

Schedule and complete the work.

Step 7: Final Visit

When all the work is done, schedule a final visit with the Decarbonization Advisor so that he can visually check the work, and discuss additional projects needed to get your home to 0 carbon emissions.

Step 8: Get Paid

Work with the Decarbonization Advisor to submit paperwork to receive incentives.

Step 9: Surveys

Complete surveys to provide us with valuable feedback on the pilot.

Abode Energy Management

MassCEC has contracted with Abode Energy Management LLC (“Abode”) to be the Home Decarbonization Advisor for the Pilot. Abode will be working directly with Participants during the Decarbonization Assessment, Decarbonization Plan, Decision Time Support, and post-implementation data collection processes. Abode will maintain this website for Participants that will include resources and support, as well as a location for Participants to submit required documentation (“Participant Portal”).

All In Energy

All In Energy, a non-profit focused on advancing an inclusive clean energy economy, will also be providing assistance for the Pilot by recruiting Participants from Energy Justice (“EJ”) communities.


To get started, we will need to verify your income and your energy usage.


Financial incentives to help homeowners implement the decarbonization measures.

Home Assessment

Prepare for your home assessment and learn how to read your assessment report.


We have compiled resources, installers and more to help you plan your home projects.

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