Hello All,

I wanted to make sure that everyone has seen the recent email by the PAs approving Gas to Heat Pump rebates and financing. This includes Muni electric customers who heat with a Gas PA.



Important Program Updates from the Sponsors of Mass Save®

The Massachusetts Program Administrators filed the 2022-2024 Three-Year energy efficiency plan at DPU on November 1st after receiving unanimous support from the MA Energy Efficiency Advisory Council. The EEAC support followed over a year of coordination between the Council, Program Administrators, DOER, energy efficiency stakeholders, and the public.

This nation-leading, carbon-focused plan represents a transformation of energy efficiency programs in Massachusetts to align with the commonwealth’s ambitious greenhouse gas reduction and environmental justice goals.

We are pleased to announce that electric heat pumps replacing or supplementing natural gas are now eligible for rebate. The rebates for
both residential and business heat pump equipment have been updated to reflect this change. These are unprecedented prescriptive incentives which are among the highest in the country.

Concurrently, we have made updates to the Residential HEAT Loan to align with the 2022-2024 Plan offerings. This includes updating the list of eligible measures so that it mirrors the Mass Save rebate eligibility and expands the opportunity to remediate some health and safety barriers, enabling more deep energy retrofits. Changes on MassSave.com are in progress and will be live as soon as possible.

The Sponsors of Mass Save