To all Mass Save® participating contractors,

Abode completed a compliance check on permit payments. To each of you, thank you for your active participation in that check. We appreciate those of you that were 100% compliant, please continue doing good work. As not all contractors were 100% compliant the following changes are being made to the permit reimbursement policy:

1. The “permit is not required affidavit” is no longer accepted. Through research, comparison, and discussion with municipalities, all towns confirmed that permits were required for the type of work done by the Mass Save Program. Therefore, this form will no longer be accepted in place of a permit. If you encounter a municipality that states otherwise you will need to provide documentation from that municipality stating that fact.

2. Receipts or canceled checks must include the job site address and the date of submission to the town. These may still be used for permit backup, please be sure to notate the job information above when doing so.

3. Program Lead Vendors will continue to perform quarterly compliance checks. It is expected that the contractor will be able to produce a copy of the actual permit with an issue date prior to our request in a reasonable time frame., This is a reminder that good record keeping is important and permit documentation should be retained for future compliance checks. Any contractor that may or may not have been 100% compliant should ensure that any permit not pulled for any reason starting 12/9/19 gets pulled and at your cost. As future compliance checks may include jobs going back to this date. If you are found to be non-compliant, disciplinary action will be taken, which may include but is not limited to Performance Improvement Plans, fines, suspensions, reduction of tier/rank, loss of allocation, or termination from the Mass Save Program.

We would like everyone to please consider themselves put on notice that permits are required by state and local laws and participating contractors are required to follow those laws as stated in your participation agreements. We also expect you will be able to provide adequate backups for all reimbursed job costs, including permits, upon request.