Hello HPCs,

Here is an updated ISM price list and Pricing Schedule that includes all updated pricing for visits, wx, and ISMs over the past few months.

For the bulbs:

  • Ensure Advisors are stocked up and ready to offer the bulbs beginning June 1st.
  • The bulbs are ordered per six-pack from EFI
  • When entering into WFA, the Energy Specialist will choose the correct single bulb type and enter the qty as 6
  • The price list attached has the EFI ordering information with the WFA information directly below it

All bulbs are required to be purchased through EFI. Other ISM products are not required to be purchased through EFI. If you have any questions, please let me know.


Bulb Guidelines:

  • Launch Date June 1, 2022
  • Bulb Options are
  • 6 pack of 9w A lamps
  • 6 pack of BR- 30 reflector
  • 6 pack of 4w filament candelabra
  • 2 Packs max per unit/project
  • No individual bulbs, all bulbs come in a pack of six
  • 6-packs will consist of a single bulb type
  • 6-packs cannot be broken up
  • Only incandescent bulbs are eligible to receive replacement bulbs and need to be verified by the Advisor.
  • Customers will receive a 6-pack to cover their needs. We will “round up”
  • If they need five A Lamps we will leave a 6-pack
  • If they need one A Lamp we will leave a 6-pack
  • In-person HEA must leave bulbs (no shipping)
  • Bulbs will not be installed, they will be left
  • VHEAs will provide the same multi-packs and same assumptions but shipped
  • Available to all customers including MLPs
  • Install fee is $9 per six-pack or $1.5 per bulb.
  • EFI is still the required vendor
  • You may use up existing inventory but must provide the same bulb type and amount (6). As an example, you can leave 6 A-lamps that you have in stock and bill for the standard six-pack A-lamps in WFA. Please check with your Lead Vendor first.
  • New parts will be in WFA and RISE’s software by June 1st.
  • If a house has 10 A lamps and 10 floods and 10 can lights it’s still just two 6-packs. The ES and customer determine which types are best for the home
  • There will be no marketing allowed for bulbs across the board.