Hello HPCs,

Following up on the process to handle Low-income customers when there are questions about the rate code and/or the customers believe it’s incorrect. We continue to hear of customers reaching out to National Grid requesting a rate code change to be served by Mass Save. This needs to stop! Going forward, if a customer is unclear on their rate code or believes it is incorrect, please have them reach out to the Lead Vendor and not National Grid.

Attached are two documents regarding customers who are ineligible for the Market Rate program because they are on fuel assistance/ have a low-income rate code.

The first is a guide that was shared previously with talking points and a list of CAP agencies. Please review this with all relevant intake staff as it has a lot of helpful information to make these conversations easier. It is also important that this become part of the intakes training to handle these customers appropriately.

The most important takeaways are:
1. Customers should never be advised to go off of fuel assistance.
2. Customers that want to speak to someone regarding their reduced rate code should not be advised to call National Grid. These customers can be referred to Abode or the appropriate Lead Vendor for that project.

The second document is an e-mail template built into WFA in the future. Feel free to use it in the meantime.

Please reach out to your account manager with any questions.