Hi HPCs,

Please review the attached document about identifying renters in WFA in order to be eligible for the $75 Priority Weatherization Fee. Unless the customer is formally approved for the Moderate Income Program, Abode will only be paying the fee out for projects generated from Landlord HEAs. So it is essential that renters be properly identified before the HEA projects are invoiced.

To help contractors identify some HEA projects that might be Landlord HEAs, we will be sending out an automated report titled “Site Visit Type & Renter Incentive (Audit Report)”. It identifies open and some recently closed HEA projects that were flagged for the 100% Renter Incentive but were not scheduled for Landlord HEAs. This is to give you the opportunity to reschedule it as a Landlord HEA or remove the renter incentive.

As always, reach out to your account manager with any questions.