During the last snowstorm, contractors ran into some issues with a good amount of snow coming into the attic through mushroom vents. Thanks to Revise for doing some research, they found a product that all lead vendors have approved for use as an additional option for the 12″ roof vent. This product has the same net-free area and cost as the mushroom vent.
The product is the Airhawk SLP150. below is some additional information on the product along with this link

Most distributors should have no problem supplying this product, and you can continue to use the same 12′ roof vent part in WFA. A couple of things to consider:

  1. Always follow manufacturers guidelines
  2. Setting customer’s expectations – Many Advisors show customers pictures of the mushroom vent and describe a giant flying saucer to set proper expectations. If you choose to use this product, please consider how your team sets expectations and adjust as needed.
  3. Consistency – Please use only one type of roof vent on a home. We would rather not see both types on the same roof.

Thanks, and please reach out with any questions,